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in relation to the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun ◄


▼ Please note that at the bottom of this page there is a table from Directorate of Health;
Influence on health and advice on reactions to SO2 pollution from volcanic eruptions▼

The Civil Protection Department monitors a web page with SO2 concentration measurements (see the link at Umhverfisstofnun below). CPD also receives information from various entities around Iceland that are equipped with SO2 portable meters (“hand” meters).  If SO2 concentration rises above a value decided by Directorate of Health CPD sends out an announcement (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, avd.is, almannavarnir.is).  If health threating values (as decided by Directorate of Health) are reached SMS is sent to all mobile phones in the area in question (cell broadcasting). So far “cell broadcasting” gas have suffered from some distribution problems that hopefully will have been solved next time this feature need to be used.

VI_MetOfffice_bottom_gradient_office_web_pos_rgbVeðurstofan (Icelandic Met Office)

The Icelandic Met Office measures SO2 at the eruption site and issues daily forecast on SO2 concentration in the atmosphere based on SO2 measurements and weather conditions.
This is a link for the spread forecast (in Icelandic language): ▲► 2 days spread forecast ◄▲
There are 2 maps that show forecast for current day (green spread area) and for the next day (rosa spread area).

See also this Icelandic Met Office experimentary forecast for spread and concentration which is still under development: Spread & concentration 

Web page where people can report if they have detected gas pollution (in Icelandic language):
Inform about SO2 pollution 


The Environment Agency of Iceland
Umhverfisstofnun – Air quality in Iceland 
Mast-logo-en Matvælastofnun
Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority
Matvælastofnun – Influence of SO2 on animals 

Landlæknir (Directorate of Health)




Reykjavík City – Air quality 




Posts on http://avd.is/en/ about air quality 



 ▼table from Directorate of Health;
Influence on health and advice on reactions to SO2 pollution from volcanic eruptions:

Health effects of short-term volcanic SO2 exposure and recommended actions – PDF table

SO2 frá eldgosum á heilsufar manna-english

SO2 frá eldgosum á heilsufar manna-english2