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Earthquakes since 16 August 2014

The map below shows all earthquakes that have been manually processed by the Icelandic Met Office (IMO)  since 16 August 2014 when the wave of seismic activity started in Bardarbunga. Further information on the issue can be seen on the IMO web page.

Photos of the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun

Einar Gudmann, an Icelandic photographer, has a web page with photos of the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun. This is a link to his page. The photo below is taken by Ármann Höskuldsson volcanologist who was one of the first to document the eruption.

Bárðarbunga orange again

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) has lowered the Aviation Colour Code for Bárðarbunga down to orange again, after raising the level to red this morning following the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun. The eruption is still ongoing but poses no threat to aviation. Further information on the Aviation Colour Code system can be found on the…

Volcanic eruption has started again in Holuhraun – Pictures

This morning around 5:15 o’clock a volcanic eruption started again in Holuhraun north of Dyngjujökull. The eruption is in the safe fissure that erupted on Friday. This eruption is bigger than the one on Friday but still considered a small eruption. The fissure is longer, both to the north and the south. The lava flows…