Increased SO2 concentration in Kópasker in the northeast

The concentration of SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) is increasing in Kópasker and the surrounding area in northeastern Iceland. No gas monitoring is in the area but the inhabitants have felt the pollution and symptoms. Inhabitants are advised to close all windows and turn up the heat inside, while the concentration is high. Follow the Met Office forecast on the Met Office web page.
The area likely to be affected by air pollution from the eruption is now marked by Bárðardalur to the west to Hólasandur/Melrakkaslétta platou in the east. This evening the affected area will be more to the east from Mývatn-area in the west to Vopnafjordur bay in the east. Tomorrow lighter westerly winds are expected and likely effected area will be from Vopnafjörður bay, and south towards Djúpivogur

Information on possible health effects and response to increased concentration of SO2 can be found on the webpage of the Environmental Agency. The Civil Protection and Emergency Management advise people to look up for further information on Environmental Agency web page.